Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

We know it is a little late but we did not forget about the Dads! These three sister chicks love their daddy! He is strong, protective and like the Moma Chick he loves the Lord. I can remember being little and all of us gathering in Dad & Mom's bedroom and having a family bible study. When we got our first video camera our Dad would walk around all the time taping our family functions and he would comentate the whole thing, very entertaining. He is the best Grandad our kids could ask for, he has fixed cars, fixed bikes and from the oldest to the youngest he loves them all! He is still young at heart and he rides motorcycles with Josh and scooters with Luke and they love every minute of it. We always know we can depend on him!

Now the 3 sisterchicks are married and are thankful for the men in our lives also! Willie is married to Deanna, David is married to Beverly and Rick is married to Gina. Each of them is very special and all of our baby chicks will leave comments on what great dads they are.

We hope all of you had a great Father's Day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Dedication

Yesterday was baby dedication day at our church. It was a beautiful service. I think there were 10 babies being dedicated, including my youngest grandbaby chick, Kensley Deason.

Yes, she is a doll, isn't she?! Just like her big cousins, Hannah and Caleb. Kensley's mom Erica is my middle chick, she's a doll too.

Our cousin Edith (and Chris) also had their new little twins dedicated. Meet Chloe and Christopher (C.J.) Copeland, along with big sister Carlie. They are all three precious.

I wish I had pictures of all the babies, because they were all adorable! You are all so blessed.

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